Aug 19, 2010

The Majestic Ranch Arts Foundation Workshop by Thom Evans

New Workshops

Beginning Painting the Easy Way

Thursday - Saturday, 10 am - 4 pm
Sep. 16th - 18th 2010

A class for beginning Oil and Acrylic painters.

In this class you will learn short cuts and tricks to produce beautiful impressionistic paintings in no time at all.
You will learn composition, color selection and brush techniques, in a fun and relaxed environment.
Day One: An introduction to materials will begin the day, followed by a demonstration. Students will paint the same image as the instructor. One-on-one assistance will be provided as needed. Techniques and “tricks of the trade” will also be discussed and demonstrated throughout the day.
Day Two: An introduction to “painting the light” will begin the second day, followed by a “paint along”. This allows the students to utilize this new technique as the instructor is demonstrating it. Students will experience how this technique makes for a quick, clean manner in which to create a studio or plein air painting. Again, one-on-one assistance will be provided as needed.
Day Three: Solo Day! Students will paint a landscape image of their choice that is brought to class. This provides students the opportunity to demonstrate the techniques they learned the two previous days, with the instructor providing individual and group feedback throughout the day.

Thursday - Saturday 10 am - 4 pm
Oct. 21st - 23rd. 2010

In this workshop you will learn many great techniques from Van Gogh's work to improve personal style and color composition, without copying his style. The principals of this workshop are for all level painters, whether oil or acrylic. Demonstrations and personal attention to techniques will be offered in both the classroom and on location. Learn new skills while having fun.

"Color Mixing The Easy Way"
Nov. 5th, 2010
The Biggest One Day Workshop You Will Ever Attend!
The quick and easy way to mix the right color for your paintings everytime. In this class you will come away with a custom color chart you will want to keep forever. You can even add other colors throughout the years.

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Jun 14, 2010


Bound to Earth has been an on going series for the past 15 years. Hopefully a selective group of 30 will become a museum exhibit in the future. Please leave your comments on this painting.

May 23, 2010

“If Van Gogh Painted the Hill Country”

Another success with a great group during the May workshop at the Majestic Ranch School of Arts, outside of Boerne, Texas. The three day workshop was a lot of fun at this marvelous location, high on a hilltop with unbelievable vistas all around.

Thanks to all of the class members who made it a joy for me to share the techniques of the “Van Gogh” style.

The class from left to right: Sandi, Caro, Judy, Sonja, Jeanne, Patty, and of course my faithful studio/workshop mascot L.B. in the forefront.

As you can see by the wonderful paintings held by my students, their art was amazing! Each one, in only three days, took on a new perspective to painting, applied these new techniques, and created unique art that had depth, fabulous color, and interest. Your talent inspires me!

Anyone having an interest in learning new painting techniques while having fun in a beautiful setting, contact me at for information on upcoming workshops.

Please feel free to place comments below.

Apr 14, 2010

"The Lamb" 36x36 oil

The Lamb is a new painting by Thom Evans, adding to his series "Bound to Earth". The series has been in production for about twelve years. It consists of fifteen works and it is expected to have about twenty-five painting when the series is completed.
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Mar 5, 2010


The Majestic Ranch
Arts Foundation 
Workshop by Thom Evans
May 20th - 22nd 2010
What if Vincent Van Gogh (1853 - 1890) had come to the Texas Hill Country? How would his paintings have differed from those he painted in the  south of France? Well there are differences in the locales,  but in many ways they are very similar.
They mimic each other in the rolling hills, rivers and streams, vineyards, small towns and villages, great trees with character, farmland and climate. He may have added a cowboy hat or two to his figures, but I think all in all old Vincent would have had a good life and much success in Texas.
I personally do not paint like or copy the style of Van Gogh, but as an artist, one can learn many great techniques from his work that might help to improve personal style and color composition.
I am sure any artist at any level would enjoy this class, whether you are an oil or acrylic painter.
This class will consist of both classroom and location work. If you do not have a french easel box for plein air painting, we can make one available for you. I might suggest that a canvas of 11x14 or smaller is best for location work, since any wind blowing would create a challenge.

The Majestic Ranch Arts Foundation is located in Boerne, in the heart of the Texas Hill Country just 25 minutes north of San Antonio, on a scenic 525 acre ranch. Since 1989, students from San Antonio, Bandera, Kerrville, Boerne, Comfort and surrounding towns in the Texas Hill Country have benefited from exposure to visiting artists and professors through the residency program at the ranch. In 2006, programs were expanded to include a variety of enrichment programs for community participation.
543 Highway 46 West, Boerne, Texas 78006

Feb 20, 2010

Home In The Hills
by Thom Evans
A 24x18 inch acrylic painting on canvas

Inspired by the beauty and colors of the Texas Hill Country. Seeing the houses as the cling to the sides of the hills
This painting is a new effort in painting for me. It comes from a collaboration in style with a favorite artist and friend of mine, Jack Ramsey. Jack’s influence comes from his ability to critique. His experience comes from the 40’s and 50’s, running with a bunch of  New York artists like de Kooning, Pollock and others. 
Jack and I both agree that true abstract is out. We look for art with more substance and drama. On one of our friday get-togethers, we came to the conclusion that we were working on what we call Beyond Abstraction. This is saying that we want our work to express substance coming out of an abstract form, to include visually recognized images with motion. 
Many canvases have come and gone for this goal, but I feel that I am near the top of the hill. I will always try. It’s the trying that drives me. 

Feb 11, 2010

Creating The Drama In Nature
MARCH 3RD AND 4th 2010

Make your reservations at:
A workshop for oil and acrylic painters!  Both are welcome and both can benefit.

All artists have their distinct style and approach to painting, therefore is not my intent to change or inhibit anyone’s style.  The important parts to a painting are the color, composition, motion, and drama.  The color and composition are pretty much the norm for anyone that has painted, however the two things that are often left out of a painting are the motion and drama. This is the real difference between just a pretty picture and a painting with impact.
  The purpose of this workshop is to learn how to work with a limited palette and an open mind.  The second objective is to create drama in your work.  The environment is relaxed and fun.
   All levels of painters are welcomed, so join us and be part of the DRAMA !
 To find out more about Thom Evans, visit his website at

Feb 9, 2010


"GUADALUPE FLOW", is an original, impressionistic Plein Air painting from 2008. This 12”x12” landscape was painted in the spring on the the banks of the Guadalupe River near Kerrville,in the Texas Hill Country . It was painted in acrylic on gallery wrapped, cotton canvas with over 1.5 inch deep stretcher bars, ready to hang. The sides are painted so framing is not necessary. This little painting shows a row of cypress trees in the background that is painted as yellow negative space. The river rolls and splashes as it flows over the large blue rocks.

ETSY PRESENTS:VAST - Visual Artists Street Team

ETSY PRESENTS:VAST - Visual Artists Street Team

Feb 8, 2010

"KEY COLOR" 36x36 oil on canvas

I thought this would be the best place to start. The "Key" to get in and involved.
This is one of a series of about 18 works that was painted of every day objects that might be laying around anyone's home.
They are all 36x36 inch canvases painted in the 90s.
Please POST your thoughts and comments.